Jennie Saks 



Who We Are

We are a full service talent agency which represents professional men, women and children nationwide for all aspects of the FIlm/TV, Commercial, Industrial, Spokesperson, Voice-Over and Print media.

A great many of our clients that we represent are not only known Celebrity talent and world champions, they have great looks, personalities and are some of the top experts in their skills and media. Our clients are all ethnicties and ages, real people, union and non-union. 

Having branches in CA, HI and MT has allowed our agency the great opportunity to personally observe and seek out only the best of the best in all the above areas to proudly represent and in turn present to you.

Many of our clients are located in the Northwestern region of the United States great outdoors. Home of the true Winter/Summer sports extremist, authentic working cowboy/rodeo athletes and fresh faces for acting and print. Our Native American clients are from all over the United States. 

The Two Branches 

IN 1987 the agency's name was Montana Mystique Talent Agency. Owner Jennie Saks regrouped the agency in 1996, which is the result of the 2 branches now known as NASS Talent Management and ALL FACES Model and Talent Agency. 

NASS Talent Management's specialty is representation and management for Native American Actors, Stunt Actors, World Class Stunt Action/Extreme Sports and Celebrity Rodeo Athletes, Keynote/Celebrity Speakers.

ALL FACES Model and Talent Agency is a branch of NASS which deals with the bookings for print, commercial campaigns, voice-over and all other aspects of the media. Both have the same contact address, phone number and draw from the same talent selection of all ethnics. 

Our Goals Are Simple

To always live up to our slogan, "Talent that Performs" by making sure you are aware of and provided with the best experts, and authentic faces and talents. 

To share with you our knowledge of production needs. 

To insure the success of all types of projects.